Payment links for anything.

When you have a paid event coming up, you sell clothes on instagram, a cash registry for your wedding, raising funds for your political campaign, and many more, pay.wallet has you covered.


You can set a target amount, a fixed price, an expiry date, add multiple pictures and also set a customizable url.


Once created, links can be embedded on a website, downloaded as a qr image, shared on social media.

Instant Setup

Customers can immediately pay you after your link has been created, no hold-up, no go-live process, no integration hurdle.

Talk to Us

You can talk to us as you are creating your link, we'll be with you every step of the way. We doubt if you'll have a reason to though.

Built specifically for you

Get paid from local and international payment options.

We send email receipts to you and your payer.

An in-built 24-hour escrow service to protect your payers and customers.

You can access pay.wallet via an easy to use interface on all your devices.

Transactions are routed through our PCI DSS Compliant infrastructure and processed through trusted providers.

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Create payment links for anything, we mean anything.

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We charge a fee of

Local Transactions

1.2 %

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International Transactions

4 %

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Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, Use the chat button below to talk to us.

How much do you charge per payment I receive?

We charge a 1.2% fee when you get paid using a local channel e.g. card, wallet or bank account and a 4% fee when you get paid via a foreign card.

Do you charge for setting up? accounts are totally free to create, you don't even need to have a minimum balance.

How do I access funds I receive?

Funds are automatically settled into your account, which you can then transfer to any bank account of your choice or withdraw at an ATM using our mobile banking apps.

How many payment links can I create?

You can create payment links for as many events, products and services as you wish.

What’s the maximum I can receive via a link?

The maximum you can receive via your link is a 100,000 naira.

How secure is this platform? is PCI DSS Compliant and certified and all transaction details are encrypted and transferred securely to our processors, we guarantee sensitive details wll not be compromised at any point in time.

Can I accept international payments?

Payers and contributors can pay you using a foreign card, we charge a 4% transaction fee on such transactions.

How long does it take to settle me for a payment? has an inbuilt buyer-protection service that offers your payers a channel to contest a payment within 24 hours, after which payment will be settled into your wallet account automatically.

Do I need to link my bank account?

You don't need to link your bank account information to your account. All payments will be settled automatically into your wallet accounts, you can send money into any bank account in Nigeria from there.